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Janssen’s effect in mechanical behavior and fracture of granular materials

TitleJanssen’s effect in mechanical behavior and fracture of granular materials
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2560
Authorsอติรัฐ มากสุวรรณ์
JournalMaterials Science Forum
Date PublishedJanuary 2017
Type of Articleบทความวิจัย
KeywordsCapillary Phenomenon, Contact Dynamic, Friction Dynamic, Granular Cohesionless Materials, Janssen’s Effect Method (J.E.M)

In 1985, H.A. Janssen studied the structure of the forces inside a silo filled with granular materials, so-called Janssen’s Effect Method (J.E.M). This method is a unique property of confined granular materials. The pressure at the bottom saturated with an increasing filling height due to internal friction with side walls. In this research, we focus on the study of granular cohesionless materials such as sands and gravels, these forces are explained by adsorption and capillary phenomenon. Our main result shows that positive water pressures generate a mechanical effect with tendencies of removing the components of the porous medium corresponding to the mechanical buoyancy force (FB) that increases with increasing θ from calculated by Janssen's effect method. The topic in this research is once importance in study physical processes of the problem in the Geology Physics (i.e. the factor causing landslide).