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Building automation system for energy saving using the simple PLC and VDO analytic

TitleBuilding automation system for energy saving using the simple PLC and VDO analytic
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2561
Authorsประสิทธิ์ นางทิน
Editorจิตรภรณ์ นางทิน
Conference Name2018 International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology (IWAIT)
Date PublishedMay 2018
Conference LocationChiang Mai, Thailand
Accession Number17806434
KeywordsBuilding Automation System, Energy Saving, LEED, PLC, VDO Analytic

Energy Saving in the building is the main concern for LEED certification for green building rating. In Thailand, the major load power consumptions are from Air-conditioning and lighting. The energy saving method introduced for last decade is to use the low-powered device and higher efficiency such as frequency inverter and LED lamp. However, the control device mostly specified by product manufacturer and costly to integrate in Building Automation Systems (BAS). Moreover, the sensing device using simple detectors, such as thermostat and light sensor, sometimes not comfortable for the users in the room and waste the energy. This paper introduces two major approach. Firstly, is to use simple PLC instead of DDC. Secondly, is to use to VDO Analytic for sensing and controlling. The simple PLC can communicate to any device either digital or analog signal. Unlike the IP-based controller, the PLC is optimized solution since the building I/O points is very few. The VDO Analytic, object detection color detection and face recognition algorithm, combine to the PLC gives the more accurate controlling and energy saving. The additional benefit of using CCTV for sensing device is to use also for security system of the building. The results show that the energy costs is decreased and get the better comfortable. The optimization of energy cost and cost of sensing device is also investigated.