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The Synthesis of YBa3Cu4Ox Superconductor and Comparison with YBa2Cu3Ox

TitleThe Synthesis of YBa3Cu4Ox Superconductor and Comparison with YBa2Cu3Ox
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2557
Authorsปิยะมาศ ไชยนอก
JournalAdvanced Materials Research
Date PublishedJune 2014
Type of Articleบทความวิจัย
Keywordscritical temperature, Melt Process, Sintering Process, solid state reaction, superconductor

In this research, the Y123 (YBa2Cu3Ox) and Y134 (YBa3Cu4Ox) superconductors were synthesized by solid state reaction and melt process, respectively. The crystal structure of all the samples were then determined using the Rietveld full-profile analysis method to indicate orthorhombic structure. The resistivity measurements showing Tc onset of Y123 lower than Y134 for solid state reaction but higher than Y134 melt process. However, the critical temperature off-set of Y134 has lower than of Y123. The SEM and EDX show that all samples were inhomogeneous. The SEM micrograph for solid state reaction Y123 has many pores between the grain and the grain size clearly demonstrated and bigger than Y134. It was seen that these pores are party eliminated in melt process samples. FTIR spectra detected the trace of carbonate residue in all samples.